as in, he is the sun and you are the moon, his equal and his opposite, the reflection of the light you can't make on your own, the mysterious and sensual and dark to his broad and warm and bright, your scarred porcelain against his freckles, you are graceful where he is strong, you are coy where he is shy, you are love and he is love, everything you've done he did first and bigger and yet you are the one who changes the tides, not him.

as in illusion, deception, confusion; you, so full of contradictions, waxing and waning but never inconsistent, never once inconsistent, always there watching, always there waiting, always there planning, knowledge rather than strength, equivocation, how to mislead while only ever telling the truth.

as in a fundamental misunderstanding or a truth you cannot admit to yourself, projecting past fears onto the present, your worldview can't hold its own weight, hope and talent and luck and despair, you blame yourself for tragedies devised by other people, you preach infallibility embodied by other people, you forget that other people are other people, you forget yourself, you deny yourself, you ignore yourself.

as in mania, dreams, the wild subconscious caught with poison in its eyes and nightmares in its heart and a dynamite in its hands, the gasping wheezing laugh, the hysteria, the desperation, the fire.

as in intuition, your keen ability to see the end before it comes, to let your dim and flickering light guide people through the treacherous night, a mere reflection, you insist, but without it they would all be lost and cold in the dark, grateful in their hearts for your glow while they curse the shadows it casts with their words; they don't know better.

as in imagination, change, a reminder to move on with grace.